Facebook Turns 102?

Ok, so not really. However, this article¬†talks about a 1902 newspaper article found in an archive which deals with a time waster of the day. The novelty of 1902 was actually called “Face-book”. It’s a very interesting read and just points out that at some point, everything old is new again.

The Magical World of Archiving Meets the Magical Arts

I recently stumbled across this article and thought that it is one of the most interesting archives I’ve stumbled across (at least to date). Reading about it takes me back to my childhood and dabbling in magic and slight- of- hand tricks. Of course, nothing I ever learned compares to the wealth of magical knowledge in The Conjuring Arts Research Center. But, the magic and history blend together and draw me back to a time when a little girl fell in love with the history of magic.


Maker Spaces

I was interviewing a librarian today for a project in my MLIS program. One of the things she was telling me about was the maker space in her library. I had not heard of maker spaces before. Basically it’s a craft space in libraries to allow patrons the ability to create things- a way to keep patrons off of technology for awhile. This is not to say that technology is bad. It’s just that most everyone can agree that many people’s lives are completely consumed with technology. So, the idea of a dedicated craft space in libraries is very intriguing to me. ¬†Take a look at this website and let me know what you think.

The Makings of Maker Spaces


Also, here is a list of libraries that have a maker space.