Restoring the Hunley

As a historian and archivist, I’m interested in restoration and preservation of all types of primary source materials. And how more primary can you be than a Civil War submarine? Currently under preservation through the Warren Lasch Conservation Center, the Hunley will undergo several months of chemical baths to enable the sand and encrustations to be scraped off the hull.


New Phase in Restoring the Hunley

Friends of the Hunley

Is Dr. Seuss Violent?

I’ve never really thought about Dr. Seuss books as being overly violent. Recently a library in Toronto was asked to ban the book, Hop on Pop. You can read why the request was made, but it boils down to the fact that at least one individual thinks the book advocates children and violence towards parents. Banning books can be a touchy subject, but it’s one that I vehemently oppose. I believe that the right to information is greater than the “need” to protect society. I may not agree with what’s in a book, but I believe anyone who wants to read it has the right to do so.