1. Teaching for Learning

1.1 Knowledge of Learners and Learning


In part 3 of this lesson you will see how instruction and classwork has been differentiated for various learning capabilities.

1.2 Effective and Knowledgable Teacher


1.3 Instructional Partner


BIG6 in Math

1.4 Integration of 21st Century Skills and Learning Standards

I have introduced Hour of Code with our middle school students. I had them start by using Kodable. Even though Kodable is designed for elementary students, I knew that our students would need a very basic beginning. They began by complaining about the program being for kindergarteners, but several of them quickly started getting stumped. It was enjoyable to see them start figuring it out. They have also been working with Tynker to create and animate their own characters. I have also used Hour of Code through Khan Academy. I love seeing the students go from being reluctant about coding to being enthusiastic participates in creating with code.