4. Advocacy & Leadership


4.1 Networking with the Library Community

Our high school School Library Media Coordinators in Brunswick County have created a professional learning community where we can come together once a month to discuss issues related to our high schools and our development as professionals. This allows us to have a learning time specific to the concerns that we face in high schools and is separate from the common professional learning we share with all of the county Media Coordinators.

I also participate as a member of the middle school professional learning community at Brunswick County Academy. We focus on sharing ideas and making changes in our classrooms. In our PLC we are able to focus on the concerns related to our middle school students and classrooms separate from our school wide professional development.


4.2 Professional Development


4.3 Leadership

I serve as the chair of our school Media Advisory Committee which operates within the School Improvement Team. The Media Advisory Committee is charged with approving all library resource purchases as well as all instructional resources to be used in the classroom. As the committee chair, it is  my responsibility to educate the other members on the appropriateness of requested materials for our school and student population.

Outside of the MAC, but still within the SIT, it is my responsibility to communicate the necessity of the school library and how the programs of the library impact the overall school environment.

4.4 Advocacy

I am always looking for individuals and organizations with whom I can develop a relationship in which to advocate for BCA’s library. During the 2015-2016 school year I have identified for and applied for two separate programs to acquire more books for our Media Center. I have applied for the 2016 Teens’ Top Ten Book giveaway sponsored by the Young Adult Library Services Association and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. I have also applied for a James Patterson grant.