5. Program Management & Administration

5.1 Collections

I use YALSA’s book and media award lists each year to help develop the fiction collection at BCA. I focus heavily on acquiring the Teens’ Top Ten books as I believe it is important to provide access to books that teens actually enjoy reading. Each year I analyze the non-fiction section to see which Dewey classifications are outdated or need to be added to. I then use Titlewave to choose the best titles for our collection. I believe it is also imperative to regularly weed the collection because outdated titles or titles that no one reads simply take up valuable shelf space. I follow the CREW guidelines for weeding.

One major project I have been working on during the 2015-2016 year is to pull out all the series fiction books and place them separate from general fiction. I am reclassifying them with different call numbers and placing them in a separate area of the library. I have found that many of our students are fond of reading series, but they do not always know what books are in a series and which ones are not. This project has really been helping them.

Another project I am working on this year is to Lexile our library. Many of our students are slow readers or read below grade level. I am marking each book with a sticker color coded to the Lexile level. I believe this is helping our students to self select books that are on their reading level which will make them more confident in choosing books that they are able to comfortably read.


5.2 Professional Ethics

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5.3 Personnel, Funding, and Facilities


5.4 Strategic Planning and Assessment

I serve as the chair of our school Media Advisory Committee which operates within the School Improvement Team. The Media Advisory Committee is charged with approving all library resource purchases as well as all instructional resources to be used in the classroom. As the committee chair, it is  my responsibility to educate the other members on the appropriateness of requested materials for our school and student population.

Outside of the MAC, but still within the SIT, it is my responsibility to communicate the necessity of the school library and how the programs of the library impact the overall school environment.