Library Setting


By Martins de Barros (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Library Size

Brunswick County Academy is a small school, and as such the library is a small one. Our library is in a room that is about the size of two and a half classrooms. The collection consists of 4,860 holdings including print and e-books, audio visual materials, and professional reference books. The library also holds the twenty two student use iPads as well as the 180 student laptops. The Media Coordinator is charged with servicing and updating the iPads as well as inventory and management of laptops.

Community Served

Brunswick County Academy is a small alternative school serving middle and high school students from all over the county. We have students enrolled in all grades six through twelve. Many of the students at this school self identify as non-readers, and a large majority read at a level that is below normal for their grade. Brunswick County Academy is listed as a low income school for the 2014-2015 school year (Perkins and Stafford Loan Cancellation). The majority of students at this school qualify for free or reduced price meals.

Physical Layout

The library is located in one room about the size of two and a half classrooms. The entry is located slightly to the left of center of the room. Directly across from the entry is the librarian/circulation desk. Book shelves line all four walls of the room. When walking in the library, if one turns to the left, one will find the reference collection. Turning the corner is the Career Collection as well as Professional Reference for teachers. Continuing down this wall is the Non-Fiction section. This section takes up the remainder of this wall and turns the corner with two additional bookshelves. Immediately adjacent to the Non-Fiction is the Librarian/Circulation desk. On the other side of this desk, one finds two shelves consisting of Series Fiction. The remainder of the back wall is taken up by a bank of windows. Rounding the corner to the right side of the library is the Fiction section which takes up the entire right wall. The front wall from the right side of the room back to the entry is taken up by a storage cabinet, printer table, and one shelf consisting of the Graphic Novel collection. The center of the room holds six tables for student use.


The library is staffed by one full time professional Media Coordinator.