How Old is the Oldest Library

Have you ever wondered when the first library was founded? Or how old the oldest operating library is? Well, according to this article, the world’s oldest operating library opened in the year 859. The library has been undergoing repairs and rehabilitation to reopen to the public. It will do so in May 2016! Take a few minutes and read about this exciting project!

Restoring the Hunley

As a historian and archivist, I’m interested in restoration and preservation of all types of primary source materials. And how more primary can you be than a Civil War submarine? Currently under preservation through¬†the Warren Lasch Conservation Center, the Hunley will undergo several months of chemical baths to enable the sand and encrustations to be scraped off the hull.


New Phase in Restoring the Hunley

Friends of the Hunley

The Magical World of Archiving Meets the Magical Arts

I recently stumbled across this article and thought that it is one of the most interesting archives I’ve stumbled across (at least to date). Reading about it takes me back to my childhood and dabbling in magic and slight- of- hand tricks. Of course, nothing I ever learned compares to the wealth of magical knowledge in The Conjuring Arts Research Center. But, the magic and history blend together and draw me back to a time when a little girl fell in love with the history of magic.